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Talent Pool Reports

Find out how to attract the best candidates to your company!

The information collected in the reports helps to assess how competitive a company’s job offer is compared to the market average.

A good offer is more likely to attract the right candidates.

IT hubs in Poland

Talent Place, on the basis of long-term cooperation with foreign IT companies and the experience of community of over 200 recruiters, prepared IT hub report on the most desired localisation on the market. The goal of the report is to provide answers to the needs of business owners to such questions as:

  • What financial conditions are currently attractive for candidates?
  • What benefits are most often offered for a given position?
  • What is the availability of candidates with relevant experience and skills in a given area?
  • What are the main reasons why candidates resign from applying?
  • What are the main differences between the 7 Polish cities where companies most often develop their IT teams?

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