Onboarding of employees – what do you need to know about it?

Onboarding of employees

Onboarding is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in an employee’s life cycle in an organization. However, it is often underestimated, and not enough time and attention is given to the implementation of the employee. Why? Changes occurring over the past few years have, on the one hand, made it easier and, on the […]

Become a recruiter! How to plan the re-branding process

Jak zostać rekruterem?

Every year more and more people decide to change their career. The Interest is focused on many industries, one of the most popular being IT. However, HR and marketing also are a not-inconsiderable flow of juniors. Do you crave new challenges? Does your profession no longer give you as much satisfaction as it once did? […]

How to look for a job if you do not have much experience?

Jak znaleźć pracę bez doświadczenia?

Today there are many opportunities for candidates looking for work – advances in technology, the increasingly available hybrid, remote work model, open job markets. There seems to be a place for everyone. Looking for a job is a kind of project, and it’s worth putting in the effort to find a suitable model or organization. […]