Employee satisfaction survey – feedback is worth its weight in gold

Offboarding an employee is a big loss for the company. It often happens that the employer receives information about the employee’s dissatisfaction only during the exit interview, when it is already too late to change the decision. Does such a scenario have to happen? Can this be prevented? Possibly. It is necessary here to systematically survey employee satisfaction, keeping in mind open communication and drawing conclusions.

Top 5 recruitment trends in 2023

Entering a new year means intensive efforts by HR departments to create an effective strategy for the next 12 months. Changes in the world and in the labor market, continue to generate new needs. And as a result, innovative tools and solutions are being created to respond to them. What will be a must have in the minds and actions of every recruiter in 2023? In this article, you will learn about 5 key recruitment trends and their impact on the employee sourcing process.