Candidate – partner “in crime”. Partner relationship as a response to the recruiter’s needs

It takes two to tango: candidate & recruiter. The basis when building a candidate base and creating a positive image as a recruiter is to build a partnership with the candidate. What effect can we expect? An effective recruitment process, which means a satisfied client and a strong foundation of trust. Do you want candidates in your network to feel that you are in this together as partners? Learn how to build and maintain a partnership with candidates.

Non-standard sourcing methods – deliberate typos

Did you happen to encounter a typo on your LD Candidate profile? Mi yes! I wondered how many people do this on purpose to reduce the number of job offer messages they receive? I started looking! The results of my search led me to the conclusion that I can conduct sourcing using a new method – typing a deliberate typo!

Recruiter’s good image among candidates – 5 proven ways

recruiter's good image

The image of the Recruiter is an important issue at work. It determines the effect of our actions. Nowadays, everyone checks their opinion on everything and everyone around them. So how do you ensure a positive image of the Recruiter among candidates? In this article you will find proven ways to do it Why take […]

6 useful tools for IT recruiters

narzędzia rekrutacyjne w IT

The work should not be hard. Calendly, Grammarly, Glossary Tech… there are a lot of tools in a Recruiter’s job that will improve the daily work. In this article, I will share my proven work tools. I invite you to read!

IT Recruiter’s Glossary

A useful glossary of an IT Recruiter. Here you will find IT industry terms that you will find useful in recruiting.