Employment contract, B2B contract – what’s the difference? Which one to choose?

In the Polish labour market, there are many forms of contract that can be the basis of employment. In some industries, we are seeing an increase in the popularity of cooperation on the basis of the so-called “cooperation”. B2B contract, which is becoming an alternative to the traditional employment contract. Many people face the dilemma of which form of cooperation to choose. Talking with candidates, I see their little knowledge of these agreements, confusion of concepts and belief in popular myths. In this article, I decided to introduce both forms of employment. I would also add that the topic is very broad, covering many nuances that would require a whole series of publications. The purpose of this article is to provide an introduction to the topic, it is intended to be a good starting point for further consideration. I invite you to read!

Where to seek HR knowledge? Directory of recommended books, podcasts and articles

The acquisition of knowledge today compared to just a few or a dozen years ago is enormously different. The growing number of specialists and changes in the labour market has made it possible for everyone to share their knowledge in the form of course books, articles or audio or video recordings. We have the option of developing through listening or reading, depending on our preference. Today you will see some recommendations of books, podcasts or articles from Talent Place recruiters, among others.

How does the working as RPO recruiter look like in Talent Place? Adriana Tynor

What did you do before you came to Talent Place? Similar to Talent Place – I was in charge of recruitment. Early in my recruiting career, I focused on translator roles. I managed the processes end-to-end: from the moment I received inquiries from production, through the entire onboarding process, to the delivery of the translator […]

Employees with German language skills sought on the labour market

One of the most desired languages by employers in Poland is German. Germany is an economic powerhouse, and in addition, Poland is in fifth place among the trading partners of our western neighbours. German opens many doors to study abroad and work in many different companies and locations. Over the past decade, Poland has become […]

Career path in the TFL industry

TFL career

The TSL or transportation, shipping and logistics industry has had a difficult time with the pandemic, which has halted many shipments and frozen the ability to cross borders quickly. Despite the many challenges, business analysts indicate that a rebound in demand will occur later this year and continue in future years. Earlier, in 2019. Polish […]

Is this the end of the employee market era?

The job search process so far has been like choosing a series on Netflix – you don’t know what to choose, because there are so many possibilities. Employers were standing on their heads so that the candidates would choose them, inventing new and more creative benefits. And the recruits? They did everything they could to meet the candidates’ tastes when they presented them with an offer. Qualified candidates seemed even spoiled by the number of benefits when choosing a job. But how did it all start?

 How NOT to look for a job?

Candidates actively looking for a job very often ask us why companies do not answer their applications. No wonder – it can be frustrating! If you send hundreds of CVs and no one contacts you or stops contacting you after a meeting – this article is for you. I will give you the most popular mistakes in job search that candidates make. Perhaps some of them you make unconsciously.