Is the 4-day work week the future in the labour market?

Currently, we are seeing a change in companies’ approach to creating an internal organizational culture. There is an increasing talk of a 4-day workweek, reduced working hours, flexible work tailored to needs or unlimited vacations. In this article, we look at the topic of the 4-day work week, which more and more companies are opting for. How will reducing the number of workdays to 4 affect the efficiency of the teams and the achievement of their goals?

Ability to delegate tasks in a team

Ability to delegate tasks

In order for the team to work effectively, it should be given tasks that are defined as precisely as possible by the manager. Both sides need to understand each other. The way the requirements will be presented affects the quality and efficiency of the activities carried out by the employee (e.g. Recruiter). And also the final result of the project. So, how do you delegate tasks appropriately in your team so that unnecessary grumbles and misunderstandings do not arise?

Current work model in companies vs. work-life fit system [report]

According to the “Work-life fit” report commissioned by Talent Place, only 1 in 4 companies offer 100% remote work. Less than 1 in 5, meanwhile, work in a hybrid model. Meanwhile, remote, project-based and, above all, team-compliant work is becoming more and more desirable among employees. Therefore, the labour market needs new solutions. One that […]

The Candidate’s View: 5 reasons to accept or reject a job offer

A perfectly matched Candidate is the greatest challenge for every recruiter. When the right person joins the recruitment process, goes through all the stages and the employer submits a job offer, an important question arises: are you interested in accepting a job offer? Unfortunately, as many as 1/3 of Candidates quit the process at this […]