Refusal as daily occurrence in a recruiter’s work. How to deal with it?

You get an exciting new recruitment process. You search the base, you sourcet, you send hundreds of messages. Then he appears – the ideal candidate. Even after the first phone call, you know that this is “the one.” He goes through the steps of the process like a storm, and you can see with your eyes how he powers your client’s team. The vision of a completed trial is getting more and more tempting when suddenly that phrase falls – “I can’t accept the offer.” You have two choices: start screaming into a pillow, or approach the problem professionally. Just how do you keep your emotions in check when you are overwhelmed by a sense of failure?

6 useful tools for IT recruiters

The work should not be hard. Calendly, Grammarly, Glossary Tech… there are a lot of tools in a Recruiter’s job that will improve the daily work. In this article, I will share my proven work tools. I invite you to read!

Ghosting: why did my Candidate disappear?

I suspect that each of us has been ignored by someone at least once in our lives. Someone cut off contact with you, stopped responding to your calls, texts, emails and started acting as if you never knew each other before. If you have had at least one such situation in your life, you are among those who have experienced the phenomenon of “ghosting” on your own skin. Or perhaps you yourself are a person who has committed ghosting, e.g. on a telemarketer to whom you could not refuse to listen to his offer, said you would consider it, then after the call ended you blocked his number or wrote it down as “DO NOT ANSWEAR!”?

Where to seek HR knowledge? Directory of recommended books, podcasts and articles

The acquisition of knowledge today compared to just a few or a dozen years ago is enormously different. The growing number of specialists and changes in the labour market has made it possible for everyone to share their knowledge in the form of course books, articles or audio or video recordings. We have the option of developing through listening or reading, depending on our preference. Today you will see some recommendations of books, podcasts or articles from Talent Place recruiters, among others.

Technical knowledge in IT recruitment – is there really anything to be afraid of?

The IT industry is the fastest growing industry worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of specialists are working every day to develop and advance new technologies. Even people who use them on a daily basis have difficulty keeping up with the pace of change. What about non-technical people? It may look frightening. However, it’s not so scary at all.

How to become an IT recruiter?

High salaries, interesting projects for clients around the world… IT recruitment is an attractive career path for many HR experts. The road to becoming an IT recruiter doesn’t have to be difficult at all! If you are considering starting a career as an IT recruiter, be sure to read our guide. You’ll learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions, get valuable tips, and learn how to rebrand yourself as an IT recruiter in as little as 3 months.

IT Recruiter’s Glossary

A useful glossary of an IT Recruiter. Here you will find IT industry terms that you will find useful in recruiting.

HR Glossary

Crowdstaffing, sourcing, screening, talent acquisition, RPO – what do popular HR terms mean? In this post we will try to discuss the most common terms in the HR industry. Human resource management In order for the company to grow, it needs the best professionals on its team! This principle applies especially to the HR department, […]