Talent pooling
recruitment based on relationships

The talent pooling method involves consciously building a candidate base, recruitment using its resources, maintaining a relationship with candidates and sharing candidates with others, so recruiter can maximize his efficiency and profits.

Talent pooling

At Talent Place, we believe that the best candidates come from recommendations and candidate databases are the hidden superpower of recruiters, which they can use even more effectively.

The talent pooling method in recruitment is based on creating a qualitative network of contacts and then using its resources. In this regard, we have prepared an ebook from which you will learn among other things:

  • relationships built over the years can result in faster and more efficient closure of recruitment projects,
  • by recommending candidates for projects, you can save your time, match employers’ offers with your contacts even better and thus earn more,
  • become the best partner of your candidates, spending less time on sourcing and have more time for building relationships.

Talent pooling

Modern recruitment requires an agile approach and an openness to new methods of sourcing the best candidates.

Regardless of the industry there are many opportunities and channels to reach candidates. However, the more demanding the role the smaller talent pool is and the more difficult recruitment as well. Publishing ads on job boards, direct search and sourcing or using their own candidate base – which method do Polish recruiters use most often?

We investigated what method of finding candidates Polish HR experts use most often and how they use assets built up over the years when recruiting.

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Talent pooling

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